‘I have just completed your Breastfeeding Simply ebook and it is just fantastic. I am a midwife, a lactation consultant and a breastfeeding mum and have never read such a comprehensive book that is also easy to read and follow. I am going to adapt my practice to a few of your ideas! It is just full of common sense and the best part is that you can incorporate your own style into the advice. This means that you don’t have to compromise your own beliefs which inturn makes every little bit of information really work.

My son refused the breast at six months and I found out it was allergies to what I was eating. When you talked about skin to skin contact and allowing him to fall asleep on you I was immediately relieved as I was doing this to cope with his breast refusal, however, society was telling me to not ‘spoil’ him. You reinforced that I was following my instincts and that this was the right thing……thanks for this great advice, my son is still breastfeeding now!

“Your book is a must read and should be on every woman’s (and man’s) bookshelf. Thank you so much for your effort, you really have changed the way I look at breastfeeding and I know that my little boy, Luke, will benefit from all your knowledge and practical tips. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Loretta Anderson RN RM IBCLC

“I downloaded your E book when I was one feed away from giving up breastfeeding. 7 months on and I am so glad I kept going and now absolutely adore this time with my child.”

Karen Swan, Canberra, Australia

Pinky brings a “homemade” quality to her advice on parenting and breastfeeding that is not only experience based, but evidence based too, through her credential as an IBCLC. We learn most when we are encouraged to find our own strengths and not follow someone else’s ideas of what is right and wrong. With information and understanding comes confidence with ones own mothering skills.

Karen Palmer, midwife , IBCLC and mother of 4. Hamilton, New Zealand

“Breastfeeding Simply is the perfect information package for new mothers. It outlines all of the basic information needed, and gives answers to many of the questions that a new mother or her partner may have. With its easy to follow format and clearly defined sections, this is ideal for my clients who are learning about birth, breastfeeding and parenting over a crash course of about nine months. This package provides enough information to not get lost amongst, and just enough to give someone insight into different situations which may arise, and why and where to source additional support. Highly recommended as a valuable resource for couples welcoming a baby and planning on breastfeeding.”

Donna Sheppard-Wright, Nurture Birth Support, Melbourne