What you will learn!

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques that you will learn from this ebook and audio package ‘Breastfeeding Simply’

What you MUST do to prepare for breastfeeding BEFORE you have your baby. This means that you will be fully prepared and ‘ahead of the game’ and you won’t feel confused by conflicting information or waste money on useless equipment.

Comfortable positions to hold your baby so that breastfeeding feels natural, discreet and easy. You will feel confident enough to begin breastfeeding without having to depend on busy hospital staff to supervise your every move.

How to latch your baby onto the breast in the best position. A good latch can prevent early breastfeeding problems such as sore nipples or insufficient milk.

Secrets to establishing and maintaining an abundant milk supply. This means that you will not have to worry, is my baby getting enough milk? And you will be able to continue breastfeeding as long as you choose.

How to express, store and thaw your breast-milk, simply, safely and hygienically. Then, if you do need to be separated from your baby, you know she will not be exposed to the risks of artificial baby formula such as allergies, constipation or increased risks of illness such as diarrhoea or respiratory infections.

How to recognise and treat conditions that may contribute to painful breastfeeding such as nipple thrush or mastitis – quickly and easily, so that breastfeeding isn’t interrupted or ended prematurely.

Practical strategies for managing breastfeeding if you return to paid employment – from choosing and instructing a carer and gaining support at your workplace, to maintaining your milk supply. This means that you will be able to maintain your very special connection with your baby through the one thing (breastfeeding) that nobody else can do for your child, even if you do have to leave her with a carer.

How alcohol affects your breast-milk and your baby. You will also learn what precautions to take so that your baby receives ‘safe’ milk and is safely cared for if you do choose to drink alcohol while you are breastfeeding.

How to wean your baby gently, with love. This way your baby will make the transition easily and you will not experience painful engorgement or the sadness to either of you, of ending such a special relationship abruptly and painfully.

“I downloaded your E book when I was one feed away from giving up breastfeeding. 7 months on and I am so glad I kept going and now absolutely adore this time with my child.” Karen Swan, Canberra, Australia

Breastfeeding your baby is such an integral part of your female biology that when it doesn’t work out, most women experience an enormous sense of grief and failure and even feelings of guilt that they have deprived their baby of ‘the best’.

Don’t let this be your experience!